Transforming lives to Christ by experiencing & reflecting God’s love together.

Christmas Services at HumeRidge Church

Our Board of Elders recently invited the Members of HumeRidge to vote in regards to their endorsement of Ps. Murray Holmes taking on the position – Senior Pastor of HumeRidge Church of Christ.

The votes cast over the past 2 weeks have strongly affirmed the Elder’s endorsement with an overwhelming majority of votes in support of Murray taking on this position.

Murray and his wife Caz have been informed of the vote, they have expressed their thankfulness to the congregation and are honoured by the support from the Church in the affirming vote. They look forward to calling HumeRidge their home Church and Murray looks forward to commencing his role as Senior Pastor in January of the New Year.

HumeRidge Church of Christ Eldership Board

HumeRidge Church is a dynamic Christian community which longs to see lives Transformed to Christ. When Jesus walked the earth things started changing! Hearts were changed. Lives were turned around. People found hope. Families were blessed. Communities were impacted. Our World was never the same as Jesus earliest followers took on His mantel and like Jesus “turned the world upside down” (Acts 17.6).

Like Jesus and his followers we believe God desires us to play an active role in transforming the world. Our mission statement, helps us to communicate our belief that we are transformed to Christ by experiencing and reflecting God’s love together, as individuals and as a community of believers. We invite you to journey with us as we learn, grow and work together to be more like Jesus.

As you explore our website we trust you find it helpful in discovering more about the ministry and community life of HumeRidge Church of Christ.

We look forward to working with you in Transforming Lives to Christ by experiencing and reflecting God’s love together.

HumeRidge Church of Christ