School Yard Blitz

Several times a year, during school holidays, HumeRidge supports our local State High School and Primary School by assisting the school in creating an engaging educational environment. This may include doing concreting, painting, gardening and maintenance by qualified tradespeople.

If you are interested supporting the HumeRidge School Yard Blitz program please contact Pastor Ross Savill.

Chaplaincy Support

HumeRidge supports a number of Chaplains through Toowoomba who regularly require assistance from Volunteers in running programs in schools. There are a variety of opportunities to provide practical support to Chaplains depending on the school community.

Please contact Scripture Union to get in touch with a Chaplain near you.

Religious Instruction – State Schools

HumeRidge supports RI Instructors in local Queensland State Schools. RI plays a vital role in introducing students to the foundations of the Christian faith.

RI Instructors receive annual training and materials are supplied. Each Instructor must hold a current Blue Card and adhere to the standard of practise.