The International Christian College of Manila is a Church of Christ training college located in the Philippines. The college offers a Bachelor of Theology with majors in ministry, outreach, worship, and education and currently has approximately 100 students enrolled. The students are deeply involved in their local churches and evengelism.


HumeRidge Church has had a relationship with ICCM since 2007. During this time, six work teams have visited the college and completed various building projects including repairs, electrical, plumbing, and erecting buildings.

A team from HumeRidge pouring a slab for a new building at ICCM.

Opportunities to support the college include through prayer and financial giving. Members of HumeRidge are invited to sponsor a student for $40 per month. HumeRidge is planning a teaching mission trip to ICCM in 2018.

Please contact the church office for more information about how to get involved.